Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Review: More Secondary Starters and Plenaries

Right, so as mentioned in my last post, I'm looking at reading some books on starters and plenaries as part of my Performance Management (PM). Yesterday I reviewed a book that, while hitting the 'condensing metacognition jargon' nail on the head, didn't really satisfy in 'usability'. Today, however,   I think I've managed to find a pretty useful book, by way of Mike Gershon's 'More Secondary Starters and Plenaries: Ready-to-use activities for teaching any subject' (2013). If you have the chance (or the money) to purchase this text, you really must. I haven't even read the whole thing yet, but I'm already taking note of things to trial in my lessons. It's full of really workable and engaging activities, many of which scream 'Mr Inspector Approved'. I'd highly recommend that people give this book a look, especially if you're interested in making your starters and plenaries more engaging and useful.