Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Meeting my student researchers

Hello! It's been awhile since I have posted. This is largely because I've been busy working on my Literature Review. The Christmas holidays also fell into that time period, so you can forgive me for being a bit distracted.

I wanted to post a quick update today to discuss my initial meeting with my student researchers. Initially I invited ten Pupil Premium students to help me with my research; six got back to me with the permission forms, so it was six I arranged to meet with today. Luckily, it worked out that it was 3 boys and 3 girls, so the sample should still be representative. However, one of the boys didn't turn up for the meeting today, resulting in only five students being present. I'm hopeful that he didn't get the message; it'd be a shame if he decided he didn't want to take part.

The meeting itself went quite well. I issued them with a pre-test questionnaire, asking them about what they know about feedback and the research process. My hope is to get them to fill in the same questionnaire at the end of the process, so that I can gauge whether or not they've benefited from being a part of the project.

Following the questionnaire, we discussed some of the key terms associated with research projects, including the Literature Review, ethical issues, types of research, etc. I must admit I rambled on a bit, but then I did allow them time to ask me questions at the end, and we had a good discussion of their expectations and the role they'd play in the research. I am hopeful that they'll still want to take part, and won't be put off my my rambling ways!

We're aiming to meet again on Thursday, so I will keep you posted on the developments.