Thursday, 2 July 2015

Year 7 Student Feedback results

As I expected, the results from my Year 7 groups have been much more favourable. Behaviour didn't come up as an issue, with the majority of students feeling that I am able to control the class. They also stated that most students act as I would expect them to. Generally, these groups ARE better behaved and I can deal with their low-level disruption well.

I was really pleased to see that 95-100% of my Year 7 students felt that:
- they learnt something in every lesson;
- I explained things in ways that made sense;
- I tried to explain things in more than one way;
- they learn from their mistakes in lesson;
- I make learning enjoyable and interesting;
- my comments help them to improve;
- I give them feedback in a timely manner;
- I want them to share their thoughts;
- I respect their suggestions and ideas; and
- I check to make sure they understand what we're doing.

All of these results are outstanding, and I'm really glad that the effort that I've put into my teaching, especially in terms of feedback and engaging student voice, has paid off.

I was still lower than I would like on identifying what we've learnt at the end of each lesson - this corresponds with what my Year 8 and 9 groups have said. I'm already looking into texts and ideas to improve my plenaries, so no problems there!