Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Using Images part 2

I managed to get the images to work this time, so here are some of the things year 9 students drew when I asked them 'What makes good feedback?'

This one I felt was, while grammatically quite poor, not too bad. A lot of the things they suggested came up with the year 7s, so it was nice to see ideas repeating themselves across year and ability groups. Confidence, making progress and growing are all repeated; they are quite positive aspects of feedback as well. I find it interesting that none of the groups mentioned very many negative aspects of feedback, minus one group of year 7 students.  Perhaps the new feedback system at our school has eliminated any negative feelings towards feedback

However, the images below I found really profound and deep. The group that produced these images were the proudest of their achievement, and you can see why. The concepts they suggested were really good. I even took their work to the head of the department. She was quite pleased with them as well, and suggested that I pass them along. I may do that! We shall see!


Overall, I think these images would make pretty cool displays, or go nicely on a PPT presentation. The vending machine idea appeals to me especially, because it's not a connection I would have made on my own.