Friday, 8 July 2016

Teaching Backwards

Well, it certainly has been awhile since I've written anything. I must admit, it's been a very busy year. I have not stopped engaging with research, but I feel like I have had a hard time budgeting my time in order to blog at the level that I originally did. It's a shame, really, as I very much enjoyed writing down my thoughts about teacher research.

I've spent time this year engaging with being a 'Pedagogy Leader' at my school. Basically, this required me to work closely with three research lesson study groups, helping them to create an appropriate research question (a first for my school), providing them with academic journal articles, and helping them to create and then analyse data. It was a really rewarding process, and one which I look forward to repeating again next year.

Perhaps I will be able to say more about the journey next year; I'll try to devote more time to this blog.

In the meantime, I've started to read some more texts about teaching. Namely, I've been reading Andy Griffith and Mark Burns' text 'Teaching Backwards'. I'm finding it a fascinating read; it supports a lot of things that I found in my own research. When I finish the book, I will write a blog post about my thoughts, so watch this space!

I don't have much to say today, but I just wanted to dip my toe back into the pond, so to speak. I am attending the York ResearchED tomorrow, and hope to post about some of the sessions that I attend.