Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Pilot Interview - Before

Well, I'm going to conduct my first pilot interview today, with three year 9 students. I am quite excited and a little bit nervous. I've never interviewed anyone before, much less students. I'm going to ask them questions which are very similar to ones I plan to use for my thesis research, only with a more English specific focus, as the results of this pilot will be used as part of my Performance Management for the year. It will be an interesting process, because I will have to start coding the responses and eventually write a report which I will have to deliver to  my head of Department.

Exciting times.

I'm also, in the name of scientific experiment, going to be trying a variety of approaches to recording and capturing the interviews. I've got a video camera set up today to record the interview, and I'll experiment with placement of the camera a few times throughout the process to see which works best. I'll also use audio recording devices, first separately and then perhaps along side video recording, just to see which works best for collecting, using and analysing the data.

I've got some free time this afternoon as well, where I will hopefully be able to write about my experiences this morning. Wish me luck!